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Neuroprofiler - the startup reinventing risk profiling

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Neuroprofiler is a behavioral finance game that allows financial advisors to evaluate their client investor‘s profile in line with new European requirements; specifically the directive MiFIDII. The game integrates a highly scientific testing method whilst allowing the user to have fun. Here Tiphaine Saltini, co-founder of Neuroprofiler, an already highly successful startup, talks to you about why their startup matters in the world of risk profiling… Read more

Autumn announces its arrival with fantastic innovation events this September


Autumn has well and truly arrived as a series of exciting innovation events that take place in the run-up to Christmas start to get underway. Finovate New York, Bits & Pretzels Founders Festival Munich, France Digital Day….whatever you want, there is an event to suit you this month. Read more

On the Rise: An Analysis of 1000+ European Scale-Ups has just released its brand new report on the status of scale-ups’ funding deals in Europe, Israël and Turkey. To produce this detailed analysis, initiated by OpenUp, has tracked 1,038 investment rounds in scale-ups from the first quarter of 2016 through to the second quarter of 2017. Its authors: Mary Loritz and Robin Wauters, reveal their findings on OpenUp. Read more

Our selection of the best startup and innovation events this August

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In August, the innovation event calendar starts to fill up again after the quietness of July. Kicking off this month’s selection is Fintech Week Silicon Valley from August 1-6, followed by Wonder Women Tech from August 18-20 and, to finish the month, VM World US from August 27-31. Something slightly out of the ordinary coming up towards the end of the month is the French Startup Cup - a regatta of 50 different startups racing each other over three days in La Rochelle. Keep reading to discover more… Read more

Cardif Lab’, a powerful innovation structure to adapt to a changing world!


Today, it is difficult to keep up with all technological progress. Yet it is essential to do so, as it can have the potential to disrupt established businesses like the insurance sector. To stay at the top of innovation, BNP Paribas Cardif, the insurance arm of BNP Paribas, launched the Cardif Lab’ in 2014. Their aim was to familiarize all BNP Paribas partners with two innovative concepts: firstly assessing the impact of digital transformation on their business and secondly, encouraging the launch of innovative projects with these partners. Read more