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Echangeur: a pioneer in Retail Marketing Technologies

Very often, big retailers are swamped with work and are lacking time to foresee tomorrow’s developments. Yet, nowadays it is essential to take a step back and be clear about forthcoming innovations. Indeed, innovative trends need to be identified to meet clients’ needs and even anticipate them! This is exactly what Echangeur proposes its members. This year, Echangeur celebrates its 20th anniversary, 20 years of strong cooperation with retailers and startups to identify disruptive technological innovations that will help its members excel in their marketing strategies.

A pioneer in the implementation of Retail Marketing Technologies

The creation of Echangeur coincided with the internet boom in 1997. Philippe Lemoine, then Chief Executive Officer of LaSer, launched this new concept. The initial purpose of this structure was to showcase the latest technological innovations and host events in a dedicated 700 square meters space located in central Paris. In 2010, the initial mission was enriched with new capabilities. The market research and prospective teams of LaSer joined Echangeur, reinforcing this way their customer knowledge skillset. They became a powerful innovation structure with a fine knowledge of clients’ needs and the ability to identify the most relevant technological innovation for them. When LaSer and BNP Paribas Personal Finance merged in September 2015, Echangeur broadened its scope and reasserted its mission: help retailers take up tomorrow’s innovation challenges! They now service BNP Paribas Personal Finance and beyond. Any retailer interested in their expertise can potentially work with them!

A customer orientated approach to facilitate innovation in all retail sectors

The services proposed by Echangeur are aimed at external as well as internal clients. Its main objective is to provide retailers with the right approach to facilitate innovation within their own organization.   Clients have three different options available to meet their aim:

  • Via Echangeur’s showroom: clients can meet innovative startups and test out their innovations for their own sector in the showroom;

  • Joining store tours: retailers eager to discover the most innovative concept stores can visit them in New York, London or Paris and then identify how technology is being used in real life;

  • Taking part in creative workshop sessions to figure out tomorrow’s customer relationship;

In addition, they can benefit of the data issued from an access panel that Echangeur has built up over the past 17 years. Echangeur has a dedicated team of customer profilers based in both Mérignac and Paris who put together this access panel.  Initially launched in France, this access panel gradually expands to countries like Italy, Belgium or Portugal to meet BNP Paribas Personal Finance needs and its distribution partners. Clients have therefore the possibility to interrogate the access panel. Once they have identified the consumption triggers, Echangeur can suggest innovative services, technologies or distribution channels that make sense for their business. 

Its strong foothold in the retail business, the expertise of a team consisting of 13 marketing and technological professionals headed by Cécile Gauffriau, its close ties with renowned startups have all contributed to the success story of l’Echangeur which has secured 40 Technological Partnerships with startups, supported 15 000 professionals and held 120 workshops and seminars in 2016.

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