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BNP Paribas ERE and Dial-Once found THE solution to improve their client service

BNP Paribas E&RE (Epargne & Retraite Entreprises) proposes corporate savings and pension plans to companies and their trustees. Its ambition is to provide its 26,000 corporate clients and 1.1 million trustees with the best service in town. Philippe Clément, Project & Client Service Manager, BNP Paribas E&RE and Adrien Lesage, Sales Director of Dial-Once, a startup expert in the digitization of calls, found THE solution to better serve most of BNP Paribas E&RE clients. This has resulted in the setting up of a pilot to deliver its clients a 24 hours service. How did they achieve this? Keep reading to find out….

BNP Paribas E&RE client service comes first!

Philippe Clément has two priorities: deliver an outstanding service to all trustees i.e. employees (BNP Paribas’ staff and other corporates’ workforce) and monitor the relations between the front and back office. His main challenge is to deliver a high standard client service to over one million employees.”

From left to right, the whole team on the picture includes: Karim Fezzani, Business Developer, Dial-Once, Philippe Clément, Project & Client Service Manager, BNP Paribas E&RE, Adrien Lesage, Sales Director, Dial-Once, Sophie Ageorges, Marketing Manager, BNP Paribas E&RE and Philippe Desrat, Trustees Relationship Manager, BNP Paribas E&RE.

Interactive Voice Responses need to evolve

One of the key components of a good client service is the ability to serve incoming calls and answer any inquiry in a timely and efficient manner. BNP Paribas E&RE receives around 300 000 calls per year. Many of these calls are directed to Interactive Voice Responses but not all. About 70% of these calls end up in the call center. Why? With the mounting digitization of communication channels, Interactive Voice Responses are less and less popular. There is also a probability that answers are not accurate enough….To fix this situation, Philippe Clément looked for a solution with Acticall, their current customer relationship partner and made a final choice, using OpenUp, BNP Paribas’ platform to connect its project managers with startups.

Dial-Once, a convincing startup to start cooperating, according to BNP Paribas E&RE

The startup Dial-Once was suggested. Dial-Once digitizes incoming calls and re-directs them to the right digital content or dedicated department through an Intelligent Contact Hub. This startup had been used successfully by one of Acticall’s client. In addition, they had big corporate clients (EDF, Engie, Crédit Agricole, Caisse d’Epargne, Generali, Allianz, La Poste, Norauto) as outlined in their OpenUp profile. Last but not least, they did a powerful demonstration of their service and showed their ability to plug their solution to different digital and telephony systems. All these elements convinced BNP Paribas E&RE to launch a pilot this summer and deploy the service as from October 2017.

A win-win situation for both Dial-Once and BNP Paribas E&RE

In this initial cooperation phase, BNP Paribas E&RE valued the reactivity of Dial-Once, the quality of their presentation and their flexibility: for instance, they gave them the possibility to give up the service anytime if the return on investment was not there. BNP Paribas E&RE was able to issue a simplified deployment contract thanks to the startup engagement kit, an initiative launched by BNP Paribas Group to facilitate business with startups. Their end, Dial-Once appreciated the possibility to cooperate with BNP Paribas E&RE straight away, securing a deployment contract with a short testing phase instantly. The project management approach retained by BNP Paribas E&RE was very interesting in terms of digital maturity and technical implementation. BNP Paribas E&RE studied all the features suggested by Dial-Once to optimise the solution’s potential. If the testing phase is successful, the service deployed should bring a genuine added value to all trustees. In particular, employees will obtain instant and precise answers to their most usual questions. They’ll also have the ability to get their questions answered outside working hours. According to Philippe Clément, they’ll soon be able to assess the benefits of this new service!


About BNP Paribas E&RE: BNP Paribas Epargne & Retraite Entreprises was created in 2003. BNP Paribas ERE then became the dedicated entity for employees’ savings schemes, an expertise developed in the 70s within BNP Paribas. Employees Savings Plans consist of three main activities: corporate savings plans, employee equity participation and pension savings plans. BNP Paribas ERE’s main ambition is to support companies and their staff in the building up of a long term saving plan. To meet these needs, BNP Paribas ERE relies on the skills of BNP Paribas Asset Management, BNP Paribas Cardif and BNP Paribas Securities Services. As at March 2017, BNP Paribas ERE has 21.4 billion EUR under management, 26,000 corporate clients and about 1.1 million trustees.

About Dial-Once:

Dial-Once grew out of the knowledge that there has to be a better way to serve customers in the digital and mobile age. Dial-Once services were designed from the start with mobile users in mind and to facilitate digital transformation in a way that is both independent of and complementary to legacy contact center systems. Founded in 2015 by Charles Dunston, Dial-Once quickly acquired its first customers in France in all verticals as banking, insurance, utilities, transports, and moved up to serving enterprises with a large national footprint and tens of millions of inbound calls. Its operations then expanded across Europe North America and Brazil.

About OpenUp:

The OpenUp Platform connects BNP Paribas employees, working on innovation or business projects, to startups around the world. These startups can be Fintechs as well as startups in other adjacent services and technologies. The OpenUp App allows startups to apply for projects within the bank, connect to BNP Paribas' experts and post ideas, explaining how their solution can improve the bank.

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